Industrial and Spray Booth Suppression Systems

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Badger Industry Guard Suppression System

Badger Industry Guard Suppression SystemBadger's Industry Guard Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System uses dry chemical compounds that, pound for pound, suppress more fire than any other agent. 

Industry Guard's flexible, pre-engineered systems are easy and affordable to install and maintain in virtually any industrial setting.

Industry Guard is from Badger Fire Protection, designing fire suppression systems for over 37 years.

The Industry Guard system is ideal for:

Processes Involving Flammable Liquids:

  • Dip tanks 
  • Automotive paint spray booths 
  • Coating operations
  • Quench tanks

Flammable Liquid Storage Areas:

  • Paint mixing areas 
  • Spill containment dikes 
  • Bulk storage


  • Modular storage facilities 
  • Environmental storage facilities 
  • Exhaust ducts 
  • Machinery spaces 
  • Mechanical rooms


  • Boiler rooms
  • Furnace rooms 
  • Generator rooms 
  • Switchgear rooms 
  • Storage rooms 
The Industry Guard Features Are:
    • Two types of detection electrical and mechanical (standard and rapid response) in six different temperatures
    • Total flooding with ABC or BC Dry Chemical (no loss of coverage between two)
    • Multiple cylinder actuation (up to 100 cylinders) possible from one control head
    • All system functions can be actuated manually (locally and/or remotely) and automatically


Pyro-Chem Monarch Suppression System

Pyro-Chem Monarch Industrial SuppressionIndustrial and automotive commercial environments can develop a truckload of potential fire hazards.

Hazardous material storage areas and commercial paint spray booths today involve highly flammable liquids, creating an environment in which fire is always a threat. Fumes can build up, chemicals can leak or spill. Add an ignition source and it becomes a potentially devastating combination. If fire occurs, systems must be shut off and alarms and other electrical devices must be activated.

The MONARCH Pre-Engineered Dry Chemical System can protect a diverse range of hazard areas and perform all the necessary auxiliary functions.

The MONARCH System is an industrial-strength leader for the following applications:

    • Vehicle and Industrial Paint Spray Booths
    • Open Faced Industrial Paint Spray Booths
    • General Industrial Total Flooding 
    • General Industrial Local Application


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