Fire Extinguishers

Pitts' Fire is an authorized distributor of the Badger and Buckeye Fire Extinguishers.

Check with us before buying your next fire extinguisher. Many times, someone will buy an extinguisher elsewhere and then realize they still need us to inspect and tag it. They end up having to spend more time and money than they should have.

Stay compliant with OSHA code with annual maintenance with tagging and hydrostatic tests (every 5 years for CO2 extinguishers and every 12 years for all others).

If you are local, stop by our Massillon, Ohio location to get a new fire extinguisher or have your current extinguisher(s) serviced (annual maintanence/inspection, tagging, and/or recharging).

If you are not local, give us a call at (330) 833-5508 or toll-free at (800) 834-3632 or fill out the form on this page to speak with us about what type of extinguisher would be best for you. We ship anywhere in the continental US.

Here are the models we offer:

Badger Fire Extinguishers

Badger ABC Standard Dry Chemical Extinguishers:

Badger ABC Standard Multipurpose Dry Chemical

250 MB-1   2.5 lb (with vehicle bracket)
5MB-6HB    5 lb (with vehicle bracket)
10 MB-8H  10 lb (with wall hook)
20 MB-6H  20 lb (with wall hook)

Badger CO2 Extinguishers:

Badger CO2 Fire Extinguishers

B5V    5 lb (with wall hook)
B10V 10 lb (with wall hook)
B15V 15 lb (with wall hook)
B20V 20 lb (with wall hook)

Badger Water Extinguisher:

Badger Water Fire Extinguisher

WP-61 2.5 Gallon (with wall hook)

Badger Wet Chemical Class K Extinguishers:

Badger Wet Chemical Class K Extinguisher

WC-100 6 Liter (with wall hook & placard)
WC-250 2.5 Gallon (with wall hook & placard)

Badger Universal Ultra AR-AFFF Foam Extinguisher:

Badger Universal Ultra AR AFF Foam Extinguisher

F-250 2.5 Gallon (with wall bracket)

Badger Class D Dry Powder Extinguisher:

Badger Class D Dry Powder Extinguisher

WB 570 30lb (with wall bracket) 

Badger Halotron Stored Pressure Extinguishers:

Badger Halotron Stored Pressure Extinguishers

2.5 HB    2.5 lb (with wall bracket)
5 HB         5 lb (with wall bracket)
11 HB      11 lb (with wall bracket)
15.5 HB 15.5 lb (with wall bracket)

Badger High Flow Dry Chemical Extinguishers:

Badger High Flow Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

B10M-1-HF 10 lb ABC (with wall hook)
B20-M-HF   20 lb ABC (with wall hook)
B10P-1-HF  10 lb Purple K (with wall hook)
B20P-HF     20 lb Purple K (with wall hook)

Badger MRI Non-Magnetic CO2 Stored Pressure Clean Agent Extinguisher:

Badger MRI Non Magnetic B5V CO2 Extinguisher

B5V-MR 5 lb (with wall bracket)

Disposable MRI Non-Magnetic ABC Dry Chemical Stored Pressure Extinguisher by Kidde:

Disposable MRI ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher

XL5-MR 5 lb (with wall bracket)


Buckeye Fire Extinguishers

Buckeye Dry Chemical Extinguishers:

buckeye dry chemical extinguisher

2.5 lb (with vehicle bracket)
5 lb (with vehicle bracket)
5 lb (with wall hook)
10 lb (with wall hook)
20 lb (with wall hook)

Buckeye CO2 Extinguishers:

buckeye CO2 fire extinguishers

5 lb (with wall hook)
10 lb (with wall hook)
15 lb (with wall hook)
20 lb (with wall hook)

Buckeye Water Extinguishers:

buckeye water extinguisher

2.5 Gallon (with wall hook)

Buckeye Wet Chemical Class K Extinguishers:

buckeye wet chemical class K extinguisher

6 Liter (with wall hook and placard)
2.5 Gallon (with wall hook and placard)

Buckeye Halotron Extinguishers:

buckeye halotron fire extinguishers

2.5 lb (with wall bracket)
5 lb (with wall bracket)
11 lb (with wall bracket)
15.5 lb (with wall bracket)

Buckeye Class D Dry Chemical Extinguishers:

buckeye class D dry chemical extinguisher

30 lb (with wall bracket)

Our extinguishers are inspected and tagged when you buy them. This may save you time and money compared to buying extinguishers elsewhere.

Call us at (330) 833-5508 or toll-free at (800) 834-3632, stop by, or fill out the form on this page to determine which extinguisher(s) are best for you, ask about pricing, or to get your extinguisher(s) serviced.